“I´ve had over six years of experience on the HP3000 before coming to UPMC but I´ve had no Suprtool experience.  Suprtool makes programming faster and easier.  This is especially true when dealing with numerous datasets. Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting, Inc. taught a SUPRTOOL course on-site for UPMC.  This class demonstrated important concepts about Suprtool and has made learning Suprtool much easier.  Now I don´t have to consult the reference manual as often and my work is much more efficient.  The Kubler Consulting training also made me aware of Suprtool´s numerous capabilities and gave me a chance for hands-on application.  I find the training manual (the one used in class) very useful due to its readability and the numerous examples used to demonstrate the concepts presented in each chapter.  I highly recommend the Kubler Consulting SUPRTOOL training course!”

Michael Decristoforo UPMC Health Plan