Clients’ comments regarding Kubler Consulting services

"With the end of life announced by HP for the HP3000 MPE/iX computers, focus on completion of the migration of our company´s primary Credit Union software product, Spectrum Software, to the HP-UX platform became a top priority. We contracted with KCI to assist us with understanding how our application should be deployed on the HP-UX platform. This included set up of the application deployment environment, development of solutions for controlled system access to operating system features for client staff that are not, nor should be trained in UNIX, assessment of the fastest and most cost effective online backup software, etc. KCI was able to bring experts on board to address our needs in the contracted timeframe. Additionally, the KCI experts were ready, willing and able to help us with many questions and issues that arose while our initial platform port was installed and tested. I am quite satisfied with the results of this collaboration and believe the KCI´s assistance helped us overcome a significant part of the learning curve we faced with regard to deployment of our application in the HP-UX environment. I have no reservations in recommending KCI´s services to others."

"Kubler Consulting, Inc. was very helpful to my company. We needed help with a number of operational issues that included installing an upgrade to our HP-UX box. KCI provided professional and very qualified help. We got things implemented and are very satisfied. I would highly recommend KCI´s consulting services."

"Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting, Inc. worked on several projects for Providence Health Plan. One in particular has made my life much easier. Using his extensive knowledge of performance and the Lund Performance Solutions tools, Jeff created an automated way to create graphics and suck these into a document. The document helps managers clearly understand our companies HP 3000 performance. The automation allows me to evaluate the graphs, edit the document while avoiding the tedium of having to extract and place the documents myself. "

"I used Kubler Consulting, Inc. for a performance analysis service called Pre-Season Performance Physical and found it to be very helpful.  We had concerns about specific performance problems, whether we where managing things well, whether we needed to purchase hardware and how much capacity we had for our future growth.  The service really helped us understand our situation, manage our current system and make wise decisions about our future."

"Jeff came out to our Credit Union (San Mateo Credit Union) and presented a excellent program on Suprtool. "

"Jeff Kubler, of Kubler Consulting, performed a SUPRTOOL training class along with a preparatory MPE introduction course for United Methodist Publishing House. The MPE Introduction really helped prepare my programmers and business analyst for the training. The Image introduction was particularly helpful. The quality training allowed the attendees to immediately utilize SUPRTOOL in our day-to-day support of our HP3000 software environment. I would highly recommend the training services of Kubler Consulting, Inc. for the SUPRTOOL and MPE Training. I found the training very well done, and thorough. It covered all of our requirements, helping to prepare some new staff to be effective with MPE and SUPRTOOL, and introducing other users to new and unknown functions of SUPRTOOL. The training was tailored to our environment and will be invaluable in enhancing my team´s abilities to maximize their use of SUPRTOOL."

"The course was well done.  I had used SUPRTOOL a long time ago, this really helped me understand it better.  It has come along way in 15 years. SUPRTOOL is one of the most important pieces of software in our environment. We were very happy to have Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting provide on-site training"

"Jeff is a very capable trainer, who is able to communicate highly technical knowledge to almost any user in such a way that they can understand and appy it to their day-to-day tasks."

"We at Hammacher Schlemmer found the Robelle Training for Suprtool very helpful to our new additions to the IT staff as well as our seasoned people. The usage and mix of utilizing Suprtool with Quiz(Cognos) was very useful in understanding the specifics of using both products to their fullest. The discussions on Suprlink and STExport were also full of many great examples of how to use the entire Robelle package to compliment you overall development Efforts! The materials covered were very well presented and  offered many useful hours of hands on experience for the novnovice and expert alike. We would also like to thank Jeff and Kubler Consulting for the thorough training provided and the time spent  on customizing the outline to our specific needs."

"Prior to receiving SUPRTOOL Training from Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting, Inc. I had to rely upon our programming staff to find data and build test data environments.  This was time consuming because I often had to wait for their availability.   The SUPRTOOL training has been invaluable because now I can perform these tasks myself.  This has made me much more efficient and effective.  I would recommend this SUPRTOOL training to anyone who needs to access data and needs to become quickly familiar with IMAGE and the SUPRTOOL."

"I´ve had over six years of experience on the HP3000 before coming to UPMC but I´ve had no Suprtool experience.  Suprtool makes programming faster and easier.  This is especially true when dealing with numerous datasets. Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting, Inc. taught a SUPRTOOL course on-site for UPMC.  This class demonstrated important concepts about Suprtool and has made learning Suprtool much easier.  Now I don´t have to consult the reference manual as often and my work is much more efficient.  The Kubler Consulting training also made me aware of Suprtool´s numerous capabilities and gave me a chance for hands-on application.  I find the training manual (the one used in class) very useful due to its readability and the numerous examples used to demonstrate the concepts presented in each chapter.  I highly recommend the Kubler Consulting SUPRTOOL training course!"

"Attending SUPRTOOL Training at the TechGroup University conducted by Jeff Kubler of Kubler Consulting really helped me in understanding certain aspects of Suprtool about which I had no prior knowledge.  I highly recommend Jeff Kubler´s teaching along with the convenience of TechGroup´s facility to better enhance one´s knowledge of Suprtool.  Its a business trip worth taking!"