Action Solutions has developed an in-house Town Hall service using the latest in cutting edge technology.

The Action Town Hall user interface created with Microsoft Silver Light 4 provides moderators real time, dynamic control over the Town Hall.

Action Town Hall Screenshot

Simple, Powerful Features:

  • Simple call screening process
    • Participants request to ask a question by pressing 9.
    • Call screener then chooses a request to screen and transcribes the participant’s question
    • Moderator then selects which participant question to unmute and give the floor
  • Live Town Hall statistics
    • Number of current participants
    • Peak number of participants
    • Average participant connection time
    • Many more!
  • Instant participant polls
    • With a few clicks, Town Hall moderators can quickly run live participant polls
    • Immediate results
  • Private Chat Window makes communication among Town Hall organizers
  • Much more on the way!
    • Our developers are busy expanding our feature set

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